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customized gift for birthday
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pillow cases linen personalised outdoor cushion covers The Ultimate Guest Bedroom Essentials - Styling for a Five Star Stay
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When your friends and family come to visit, it’s probably more convenient, affordable, and cozy to have them stay with you instead of at a hotel.

But is it comfortable? Nothing can replace the homey experience you can give your guests by hosting them in your home. But you’ll want them to be well accommodated if they stay in a hotel too! No matter the size of your home or guest room, you can transform their stay into five-star experience with a few simple tricks.

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When you check into a nice hotel, there’s always helpful literature in the room to help you get situated. Think ahead to what your guests will need, and make them personalized welcome cards with information about your home and area. Make sure they get the Wi-Fi passwords and any important phone numbers they might need. You could even include local maps and restaurant info if they’re going to be venturing out on their own during their stay. It’s also very helpful to include information about where you keep your coffeepillow cases linen, snacks, spare bedding, etc. - so they don’t have to ask. Also, make sure to make them personalized. Get crafty and creative!

Nothing says class and luxury like a gorgeous display of fresh flowers in your guest room! You don’t have to go all-out either. A simple bouquet of local wildflowers or even a single blooming orchid will make as much of a statement as anything else.

If you are going to put money into any one feature of your guest room, it should be the bed. Don’t worry as much about fancy décor - a comfortable bed is a much more essential item. If all you can afford is an inflatable mattress, make sure you get the best one you can afford! There’s nothing worse than sleeping poorly on vacation.

A trait that makes high-end hotels so luxurious is their gorgeous, high-quality bedding. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to mimic this in your own guest room.?PeachSkinSheets?are made with smart technology fibers that breathe well, wick moisture, and are remarkably soft and dreamy to sleep in. These sheets will put comfort at center stage for your whole guest room, and for a fraction of the price that luxury hotels pay for their sheets!

Another comfortable feature of any nice hotel is plenty of space to hang your clothes, unpack your suitcase, iron, etc. Make sure your guests have a spacious area to put their belongings. Even the nicest guest rooms can quickly become cluttered and chaotic with nowhere to unpack. A luggage rack adds a wonderful little touch that can hold plenty of hangers, drawer space, and an ironing board.?Consider what your guests will be doing on their visit, too! If they’ll be attending nice family dinners or formal events, they’ll need to have their clothes hung and ironed. Also, if they’ll be exploring the outdoors, they’ll probably want to do laundry during their stay (you could include laundry instructions in your welcome card!). Just try to think of what you would appreciate when you are traveling, and then provide the same experience for your guests.

Hotels are fancy and fun, but they can easily be beat with a personal, comfortable, and welcoming guest room. With these simple steps, your guest room will be sure to get its own five-star rating from your family and friends!

If you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Christmas with any reality home competition show, we imagine one of the challenges would read something like this: Decorate a 15-foot tree in the lobby of the prominent Loews Regency Hotel for all of New York City and her guests to see—in just three hours. As if untangling last year's tree lights wasn't enough of a hassle.

I have never been great at sending Thank You cards. The cliché is that as a kid you get presents from some extended family or friends for a holiday and your mom forces you to sit down and write Thank You cards to each gift-giver. I’m a serial procrastinator so as you can imagine I delayed writing these cards as long as I could. And as I continued to put it off the guilt about not writing them would rise to the point where I was too embarrassed to send them so late. It definitely didn’t help that as bad as I was at?sending?Thank You cards I felt just as bad at?writing?them. But when you’re younger what is there to say really? It’s more of an exercise in good manners than a genuine show of appreciation.?Even now, I’ll admit that I’m not great at sending Thank You cards and still have the circle of procrastination/guilt, but I’m getting better. Because really, sending Thank You notes is something everyone can benefit from and receiving a hand written thank you note can really make someone’s day.

I made a video tutorial for the use of it, although the instructions inside the package are easy to follow too.

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