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customized gift for birthday
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pillow cases linen Patchwork Skirt tutorial customized gifts for mom
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So a very exciting thing happened to me last month. I was asked to be a Moda Bake Shop designer!

I was SOOOOOO excited! I didn’;t dare say anything until I had my first post up over there, but today I have my first tutorial on the?Moda Bake Shop…;

custom gifts for dad

It’;s this patchwork skirt tutorial.

If you want to make one you’;ll need:

1/2″; wide elasticfor optional t-shirt

2 black buttons for owl eyesheat &; bond lite

owl applique?download?at?amazing?mae

This will?yield?a skirt size 6-8, instructions below for changing sizes:


Cut from waistband fabric:

4 waist band pieces (1 waist band front, 1 back, 1 waistband lining front, 1 waistband lining back)

4″;x 13″;

2 tie pieces

5″; x 23″; (or width of your?fabric?22-23″;)

From Skirt band fabric cut

2 pieces:

5″; x 32.5″;

From your charm packpillow cases linen, lay out a pattern of squares that you would like for the skirt front.

You will have 2 rows of 7 squares.

Pin Pieces together

Sew the 1st row of 7 squares together using a 1/4″; stitch- it is very?important?to keep all your seams the same. My machine has a setting for a 1/4″; stitch. Press seams open on row 1.

Repeat for row 2

Pin and sew row 1 to row 2.

Repeat for Skirt back

You will end up with 2 panels, 2 squares by 7.

Mark, with a fabric marker, the 2 edge squares. This is so you will know where your side seams are (this will beimportant?when attaching the skirt to the waist band) Do NOT sew side seams yet.

With right sides together, attach skirt band to bottom of skirt. (skirt band will overlap skirt at this point) Sew with 1/4″; seam.

Press seams towards skirt band.

Sew side seams together.

Turn under bottom edge of skirt band 1/2″; and press.

Fold skirt band in half so that the pressed edge covers the seam of the skirt/skirt band. PIN in place from the RIGHT side of the skirt.

Top stitch skirt band. Sew on skirt band about 1/8″; away from skirt bottom seam

Fold tie pieces in half length wise. Sew with 1/4″; seam. At the end sew and angle, so that the tie comes to a point.

Trim. Turn right side out and press.Repeat for tie #2

Take waist band FRONT piece. Pin ties to it, 3/4″; down from the top. Baste in place.

Attach waist band BACK to front, sew at side seams. Press open seams.

Sew waist band lining pieces together at side seams. Press open seams.

Sew waistband to waistband lining at TOP seam. Press open.

Fold waist band at top seam. Press well. Come down 5/8″; from the top and sew a casing. Leaving a 1″; opening for the elastic.

On skirt, run two rows of gathering stitches, starting and stopping at side seams. (it’;s easier to gather a skirt in 2 pieces than one really long gathering stitch)

Pin RIGHT side of skirt to RIGHT side of skirt band, matching side seams. Sew, being careful not to catch ties in the seams.

Turn skirt inside out. Measure?elastic?to size and thread though casing. sew elastic together and close casing.

Press under unfinished edge of waistband lining 1/2″;. Pin to skirt (covering gathers). Whip stitch closed.

VOILA! Your finished!!


This is how I figured the sizing:

My?daughters?waist is 20″;,?normally?for gathers you double the waist, but I did not want this skirt as full so I took 20″; x 1.75 = 35″;, which is 7 charm squares.

Since she is small I thought 2 rows of squares would look best. If you are making a larger size, add a 3rd row of squares.

If making it smaller, just use less squares across (say 5 or 6 instead of 7)

For the waistband measurement I took her hip measurement.

For the ties I wanted to conserve fabric, so I cut the 1/2 the width of my fabric. They?BARELY?fit, I would make them longer if you have enough fabric.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions!


Owl applique, from Amazing Mae?(click on owl applique pattern on her side bar)

—;—;—;—;—;—;—;—;—;-added: If you are looking for another version of the patchwork skirt I’;ve made a new and improved tutorial. You can see it here:

*edited to add…;. hi…; I feel terrible that I have to add this…; but this skirt tutorial is provided for your own FOR FUN at home use ONLY, please do NOT take this and make or sell a pattern of it, or produce it for commercial sale.. I want to keep putting this stuff up for free and to share, but only if everyone can play nice!****

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