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customized gift for birthday
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pillow cases linen Make a counter height Craft Table (from 2 shelves, a table top, and 8 legs) pillow case baby
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I have been squirreled away down in my basement for several days, opening up boxes, purging junk, and finding new homes for all my craft/sewing stuff.? I haven’;t been able to find my interfacing for weeks, or my white felt, or ugggh…; serger thread.? So, I finally forced myself to actually open up and clean out the 11 or so boxes that were just sitting in my craft room.? They had all been opened and I was able to find a few things as I needed them…;…;…;but I’;ve felt suffocated in my craft room since we moved into our new home (well, rental home), 3 months ago.

However, YAY, it’;s all cleaned out.

accent pillow case baby canvas rug

But something that I didn’;t have…;..but really wantedpillow cases linen, was a craft table.? No, not just a regular ol’; table to sit at.? I wanted something tall that I could walk around and not hunch over while cutting/gluing/designing.? And I wanted some storage.? And a white surface.? Oh, and by the way, I didn’;t want to have to spend very much.? ;)? So, I looked online.? Holy smokes!! ? What I found (that filled all those requirements) was going to cost me between $500-$800.? ((gulp))? Yeah, not in the budget.? However, I was willing to spend a little bit to make it work.

So, I bought 2 cube shelves, a plain table top, and some legs.? And lucky me, they all fit together (almost) perfectly!!!!? (The table top is about 1/4 inch wider than the shelves…;..but you can’;t even tell.)

And now I have my own little makeshift Craft Table.

?**The finished table ends up measuring about 38 inches tall and the table top space measures about 31 x 47 inches.??

It’;s nice to have a tall/large place to cut fabric on, spread patterns out, or make paper crafts, etc.

I can either walk around it while working on things, or pull up my counter height stool and have a seat.? It’;s perfect.

**In case you’;re wondering, I bought the chair here, and just re-covered the seat with a punch of yellow fabric.? It’;s the perfect height for my 38 inch high craft table. ?Also, the baskets are from Ikea (I couldn’;t find them online though).

Want to know the price?? And where I got all the parts to my new craft table?? Yep, Ikea.

Not bad.? Considering I could only find something similar for about 3 times that total price.?

Need some links?? Here’;s the tabletop, the shelves, and the legs. ?The baskets are from Ikea too…;.but not online. ?And remember, the legs are optional…;…;and only necessary if you wanted to add a little height to the table.

***The link for the tabletop says $80 but that includes the frame. I’;m pretty sure I paid $50 for the table top without the frame…;.but they don’;t list that option online.? But you can for sure buy it separately at the store.? Also, the legs come in size 4 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch.? I purchased 6 inch and they’;re perfect.

HOWEVER, if you don’;t have an Ikea nearby…;…;here’;s something similar you could buy at Home Depot…;..(or another home improvement type store in your area).

How about purchasing 2 of these cube storage shelves ($45 each) and this hollow door ($37).? And then just spray paint the door white if you want everything white.? By the way, this door is 36 inches wide and so are the shelves.? Perfect fit. However, the door is 80 inches tall so your table will be bigger then the one I made above…;…;but if you have more room for a larger table, this would be great.? Oh, and the table would end up being 37 inches tall…; you wouldn’;t need legs in case you were wanting them. :)


Want to see how I put it all together??

Okay, first of all, remember, I’;m 5’;11”;.? So I wanted my Craft Table extra tall…;.so I screwed some legs right into the bottom.? And that added another 6 inches.? YES!? But you shorty-pants can leave them off if you need to.? (And I only say “;shorty pants”; out of love…;..because sometime I wish I could whack a good 6 inches off my height! ;) )

I also spray painted some baskets and slid those into each of those slots…;…;but you could also do without and stack fabric in those slots, line up threads, pile up scrapbook paper, etc.? OR, you could make your very own fabric baskets, using the tutorial here.

Oh, and because we tend to move around (yeah, we’;re still renting), I didn’;t want to glue the table top on and then not be able to get this sucker apart and move it wherever we go from here.? So I made my table top removable.?

And that’;s because I added sticky dots to the underside of the table top and matched them up with the top side of each shelf.? They are super sticky and haven’;t given me any trouble.? I lean up against this table, move things around, bump the base, etc…;…;and haven’;t had any problems at all with shifting.? The table top never moves…;…;unless I pull it straight up to separate the velcro.? Plus, it sure makes transporting this thing a lot easier. :)

However, if you aren’;t worried about transporting a craft table, glue it together.? With some super strong epoxy glue.

And that’;s it.

Now, I have a little Craft Table in my craft room.?

?So happy I didn’;t fork over a fortune for some crummy one online. :)


This is an easy to make pouch for beginner sewers.

When we purchased our lake cottage earlier this summer, the first thing we said is “we have to get rid of all of this wallpaper.” When we first stepped into the home, it was a little overwhelming. In fact, the pattern in the kitchen is what my sister had in her kitchen a couple homes ago and the basement bath has a pattern that a friend of mine had from her childhood.That’s a few more years than I care to admit.

Jess Miller is a loving mother that wants to help other parents by giving them helpful parenting tips and reviewing the best products for their children to save them time, money, and hassle.

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