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pillow cases linen Inspired Living – Styling Blood Orange with Lulu Cavanagh accent pillow case baby
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Stylist, Photographer and Founder of Aesthete Collective, Lulu Cavanagh talks us through the colour of the season – Blood Orange.

It has been forecast as one of the colours of the season for our Australian summer and it’s not as hard as you may think to style.Blood orange is used in so many different ways, and cushions are a great way to implement a new shade.

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Long Tide Cushion, Lorne Cushion, Sandy Bay Cushionpillow cases linen, Haden Throw, Finnley Cushion, Emington Cushion

Blood orange, think European summers, a warm breeze and the effortlessness of the warmer months.

Long Tide Cushion, Lorne Cushion, Sandy Bay Cushion, Haden Throw

What are the benefits of bringing a bold hue into your home?

Bold colours are interesting, they make a space feel light and bright, and colour is a great way to instantly change and create a different mood.

Although it can seem quite overwhelming to introduce a brighter hue into the home it does bring so much life and personality into a space. If you aren’t overly confident about bringing a brighter colour into your home, use it sparingly to start and gradually build it up.

Long Tide Cushion, Emington Cushion, Finnley Cushion, Sandy Bay Cushion, Haden Throw, Harrocks Cushion, Haden Cushion

A good tip with a bright colour is to either match accents in with similar hues. In this case, a rust to tone it down slightly, or to complement blood orange opt for a beautiful navy blue.

Long tide Cushion, Lorne Cushion, Haden Throw

How would you style this colour in your home?

Blood Orange is such a versatile colour and that is what I love about it. There is so much you can do depending on your individual style. One way I love to style this shade of orange is paring it back with neutral hues. A bright white will create a fresh summer look and make the orange pop.

If you have a more luxurious style, bring in accessories with brass or brushed gold tones. To add a touch of glamour think more along the lines of Moroccan or Turkish inspired interiors.


Meet Ashley Johnston, proud mother of two and creative blogger. Her recent blog posts include the mail organizer and the owl?tutorial.?Ashley is inspired by life all around her. She finds ideas in magazines, online and in the streets and then thrives on discovering how to re-create them. She finds time to construct these beautiful, unique items during naptime or late at night and most enjoys creating charming things for her home, family and friends.

Ok lets start with the?reason?I wanted to make a one eyed,one horned flying purple people eater. Well, because i didn't have one and just because I can. I wanted the?one eyed,one horned flying purple people eater to?actually?eat people. Felt people that is. To do that Bob (that's his name) would have to have a little pouch for a mouth. ?Now for the things you'll needPurple fleeceWhite,yellow,black feltgray fleecezipper?inter fabric ( I used red cotton)needle and threadpaperscissorssewing machine

Pause for a moment because your life will never be the same. Ready?

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