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customized gift for birthday
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Style Director At Large for BELLE, Steve Cordony knows a thing or two about luxury living. Here he shows us how to style luxury in colour.

How do you update your bedroom with fresh colour whilst keeping a luxurious feel?

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An easy way to update your bedroom for the season is to add accents such as a quilt, bed cover, cushions or throws in co-ordinating tones, which work back with your base bed linen. Adding a new texture such as linen or velvet, or even a quilted bed cover is a great way to layer your bedpillow cases linen, create interest and a sense of warmth.

Christobel European Pillowcases and Bedcover, Emington Cushion, Tencel Sheet Set, Alton Cushion

What are some rules you go by when mixing textures and colours?

When mixing textures and colours, it's best to play within a curated group of tones and materials so the space feels harmonious.Adding linen, velvet or silk textural elements work well when you have a symmetrical balance. For example, add two accent cushions to sit in front of your standard pillows in a velvet, then add a breakfast cushion to sit in front of these two in a linen fabric, which may have a graphic pattern.

My general rule of thumb is to pair one accent colour to a neutral or monochromatic base, such as dusty pink or navy blue.

Christobel European Pillowcase, Tencel Sheet Set, Emington Cushion

What colour palettes are you drawn to this season for a luxury bedroom?

For me, this season is all about sage green. It's fresh, crisp and works back really well with grey, flax, black and white. Green tones are also very calming and perfect for the bedroom.

Paladium Quilt Cover and European Pillowcases, Christobel Bed Cover, Alton Cushions


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