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Welcome back, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends.?The easiest and most affordable way to achieve a chinoiserie wallpaper look?in your home is with paint and one of our beautiful?wall patterns.? Today we’;re sharing how to use?Birds and Roses Chinoiserie Wall Mural?to recreate ?the look of trendy chinoiserie wallpaper.? Let’;s take a look…;

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We’;d like you to welcome back Janna, one of the Cutting Edge Stencils owners and a creative DIYer.? Janna had a plain wall that could use a pretty pick-me-up.? Rather than leave it blank, she decided to paint a beautiful?Chinoiserie wall pattern.?For our visual fanspillow cases linen, you’;re going to love this stencil tutorial that Janna put together.? In this short video, she shows fans how easy it is to stencil a wallpaper look using a Chinoiserie Birds and Roses Stencil.

Let’;s walk through the steps for completing this project. Janna started her project with a freshly painted wall in Benjamin Moore’;s Wythe Blue.? She decided to use our?Chinoiserie Birds and Roses Stencil for this fun project.

With her chinoiserie stencil pattern in hand she was ready for the fun part, stenciling! Janna carefully taped the stencil to the wall.? She used the clip-on stencil level to ensure the pattern was even on the wall.

Janna made sure she rolled off any excess paint on a piece of paper towel.? Too much paint will cause the design to bleed.

She painted the chic wall pattern in white?using a dense foam roller.

After the design was painted in white, Janna used a smaller stencil brush to fill in the branches in a brown hue. She shaded the right side of the branches with a brown and darker brown but kept a white edge on the left. This will give the branch depth.

Janna shaded the tips and the bottom of the leaves in a charcoal gray.

Then it was time to enhance the birds using blue and gray colored paints.

Janna pealed back the stencil to reveal the pretty wall design. Since the wall was not complete, she repositioned the?chinoiserie stencil design??She double checked the clip-on stencil level to ensure the pattern was still even on the wall.

After it was lined up and taped to the wall, she continued to paint the walpaper-like wall pattern.

When the wall was complete, Janna stepped back to admire the eye-catching chinoiserie?pattern. Are you ready to see how it all turned out?? Here is Janna’;s stenciled wall featuring the Chinoiserie Stencil.

Beautiful birds and roses painted to look like wallpaper give this space a stylish and chic feel!

Tell us, where would you stencil this Chinoiserie Wall Mural? Leave us a comment below, we’;d love to read your thoughts!

Haven’;t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!

Michelle and The Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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