customized gift for birthday
customized gift for birthday
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pillow cases linen DIY- Custom Return Address Labels personalized wedding gifts
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While we've decided not to DIY our invitations (more on that later), I do want to add some sort of personalized touch to our mailing. I recently received a package with the coolest mailing label. That inspired me to create one of my own mailing labels. I knew I could buy the label paper online, so I went into Photoshop and created a label of my own using the measurements for the Avery mailing labels: 4″; wide by 1 1/3 ”; high and?set them up for 72 dpi resolution. I figure I can always adjust later if I don't like the way it looks with the envelope dimensions.

I ended up downloading a few cool fonts from FontSpace, I've used them in the past and they make it pretty easy. You hit the download button on the font you want, it will download a zip filepillow cases linen, then unzip/extract and copy the .ttf or .otf file into your Fonts folder on your computer (for my old XP, that is located in?C:\WINDOWS\Fonts. (Please note that fonts on FontSpace are for personal use only, not commercial use. I believe that since I am not making money from my invitations that this would not be considered commercial use). I downloaded a few different fonts, but ended up using these on my label (click on the image to go to the FontSpace download page):

personalized wedding gifts

In Photoshop, I create a file using my dimensions above and then inserted each different font using a different layer. I then used Edit >; Transform >; Scale to resize/rotate to fit nicely on my label and line things up the way I wanted them. When I finished, this was my label. There will not be a green background, that was just to set it away from the background of the page. However, if you wanted to add some color, you could definitely do that! (Obviously, I've changed my info for privacy).

I am really happy with the way it turned out and I look forward to using it on our invitations as well as my thank you notes for my bridal shower. I will most likely print it on pre-made labels or label sheets and then cut. Below, I've labeled it to tell you the fonts that I used for each part in case you decide to make your own.

Another option would be to do a wrap around label and add a little monogram on the wrap-around to make it more for both you and the groom. Nick and I don't live together which is why only my name is on the return address labels.

So, what do you think? I am happy with how they turned out, I'm looking forward to printing them and seeing them on our invitations! How do you plan to customize your invitations? Are you DIYing them altogether?

My sister, mother and I love to go thrift shopping. We love looking for old things we can redesign, clothes with awesome patterns, or things we can fix. This is a dress I made from a huge dress I found. It turned out a lot better than I had expected!

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I enjoy saving empty containers and packaging to make things out of.? When I was little my mother made some amazing things out of stuff around the house.? These instructions will show how to make a sponge scrubber,?a?plastic vase,?remove sticky labels from jars, how to make your own pump soap re-fills, and fold a calender page envelope,Here is a picture of a flat sponge that I covered with net packaging from fruit.? I save the ones that are usually a little heavier because it makes since to me that they would hold up better. I wanted to make a scrubber for my sponge. This is what I came up with.??A person probably could make this without sewing it.? I avoid glue because it usually don't work for me.?

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