customized gift for birthday
customized gift for birthday
pillow cases linen
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pillow cases linen DIY- Asking the Girls personalized wedding gifts
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The total cost of this project was $30, or $6 for each box. This included:

customized gifts for her

Mailing envelopeShipping costsBoxCookie CutterMaterials for cards and box coveringRibbon

How did you ask your bridesmaids to stand with you?

Before I met my husband, I didn’t even know what Cornhole was, but once I had my first taste of it I couldn’t stop. In the backyard, at tailgate parties, even at a family reunion, I was obsessed with Cornhole. From Indiana to Kentucky to Texas, I realized that everyone had grown up practicing with friends, a favorite relative or even their grandma. When Rick and I got married we got our own set and the fun continued until this past winter when I left it out in the rain and surprise, I learned that the bean bags where actually filled with corn! I learned this because a family of mice chewed through the bean bags and enjoyed a hearty winter snack. If we wanted the Cornhole fun to continue, I would have to replace the bean bags.

The basics: This interior design style embraces lifestyles and cultures, and takes on an ethnic look. Inspired by the bold colours and patterns of India and Asia and the Middle East bohemian interior design is vibrant and refreshing. If you get this interior design style right you feel as if you could be walking into a room anywhere in the world, it will be full of life and colour. The Bohemian lifestyle is that of a carefree attitude, with its roots in Gypsy and Nomadic cultures.

Today I’m excited to share how I infused a little Christmas magic into Ani and Isla’s bedrooms that will last all winter.

pillow cases linen

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