customized gift for birthday
customized gift for birthday
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linen sheets The mood of this bathroom was lifted thanks to a few final touches sofa pillow covers
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A few finishing touches was all that was needed for this bathroom. We check out how warm wooden tones with a pacific edge have been used to style the space

Who lives here? Rashida and Adarsh Patel, Suri (8) and Aamani (7).

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What was the space like before? The space – including the mirror – is the same as when we purchased our house.

What did you do to make it over? The only thing I have done is bring nature indoors with a plantlinen sheets, a stone bowl from Rajasthan and a string of recycled shells from Fiji given to us as a welcoming gift when we holidayed there. I also hung the framed print.

Biggest challenge? Having no natural light to work with. It’s a great, moody space but not ideal for applying make-up.

What do you think of the room now? We’re very happy with it, especially the print on the wall.

Budget: $290


The vanity and mirror are unchanged from when Rashida and Adarsh Patel purchased the house.


Rolling your towels instead of folding them is a simple way to achieve a polished look.


The colour of the print on the wall ties back to the vanity and mirror and helps to bring interest to the blank space.


The stone bowl and shells help to add texture to the room.


The total cost for the finishing touches was $290.

Words by: Annick Larkin. Photography by: Emma MacDonald and Nicola Edmonds.

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