customized gift for birthday
customized gift for birthday
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linen sheets The New Neutrals- Non-White Paint Colors That Go with Everything decorative pillow shams
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When it’;s time for your walls to get a fresh coat of paint, many gravitate towards white for several reasons, most of which being that it’;s safe. But if painting your space is the most inexpensive way to make a drastic change, why not play with a little bit of color? You can change it as often as you want, after all. Of course finding the right hue for you can be as stressful as investing in the perfect rug or couch, so we asked a couple pros for favorite colorful neutrals that are anything but drabby white. You’;re welcome. ;

In the decorating worldlinen sheets, dove gray is referred to a pale, light gray, and it’;s a favorite of Australian interior decorator Greg Natale whose graphic interiors (mostly in neutral hues) are #roomenvy worthy. “;I love working with monochromes, and this gray brings a beautifully soft layer to a room,”; he says. “;Against it, you can add pops of color such as malachite green or lapis lazuli in, say, bedroom soft furnishings. Or, try touches of gold in a bathroom via tiles or fittings.”;

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Englewood Cliffs, Benjamin Moore, from $38/gallon; ;

For a moodier look, Natale leans towards navy blue. “;It’;s another popular neutral that works well with anything.”; he says. Hey, if it works for our fashion wardrobe, then it must work for our living room. ;

Midnight Navy, Benjamin Moore, $48/gallon;

Staying on the blue spectrum, pale blue is another colorful option that works beautifully as a neutral, according to color consultant—;yes, her job really is to consult on paint colors—;Eve Ashcraft. If you’;re looking for a hue that suits a range of spaces, “;a pale blue can almost be like atmosphere instead of a color,”; she says. ";And everything in the world goes with it.”; ;

Pavilion Blue, Farrow &; Ball, $99/gallon;  ;

You may be familiar with darts as those pointy things you throw at a dartboard on the wall of your favorite pub. Although they don't fly, darts in sewing are still vital components of the overall sewn project. For the most part, sewing darts look quite similar to their gaming counterpart. They are wide on one end and pointy on the other. Pub darts are all about a smooth trajectory and pinpoint accuracy. Sewing darts are also big on smooth lines and precise points, but their function is all about shape. No matter what kind of sewing you do, sooner or later, you will likely have to sew a dart. Throwing darts... you can do on your own time.

Nothing shows a friend or a loved one just how much you care than a gift basket. Unfortunately, traditional gift baskets can be so blasé. Jazz things up a bit by choosing a personalized wine gift basket that is specially suited to any occasion!

Mike Nudelman/Business Insider The diamond and perfume industries work in overdrive around Valentine's Day, with tons of commercials for sparkly jewels and the latest designer scents.

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