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customized gift for birthday
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1. Don’t Like it??. If you don’t love it don’t decorate with it! Remember that trend forecasts are just that, designed to inspire and anticipate current and future trends, be they in colour or in fashion, but they are not obligatory and you don’t have to start re-vamping and throwing out. Be true to your own personal style more than anything and don’t be a fashion victim!

2. Love it just a little bit??.Less is more. Incorporate it into your interior scheme as an accent colour. Add Radiant Orchid as ornaments, accessorieslinen sheets, rugs, throws, cushions or even just some fresh flowers to enliven your existing scheme and add a touch of on-trend colour. You don’t have to overdo it to make it work.

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3. Quite like it but are a little scared of it???.If you are a little colour cautious of such a vibrant shade, mix it with other colours that you love or something you are comfortable with. Radiant Orchid may be bright and vibrant but it is very versatile too so try mixing it with pops of contrasting colour or colourful patterns that incorporate the new shade. Often incorporating a variety of other colours, even if they too are bold shades, can quiet down the colour you are cautious of and make it work within your scheme. Try the shade against a colour wheel to see what other shades you like it with, as all too often a colour that you think you don’t like can become one that you love, simply by creating the right mix of patterns and colours.

4. Like it quite a lot??.If you like this colour quite a lot and would like to use a good volume of it, but you’re still not the bolder than bold type, then consider using whatever volume you’re comfortable with but with neutrals to ground it a little. Radiant Orchid works great with black, white; black and white together, grey, taupe, gold and beige; and you can still add pops of other colours if you think your scheme is becoming too bland.

5. Love it!???.Then go for it and go bold! Go Radiant Orchid on your walls or with bold key pieces such as oversized wall art, the sofa, the ceiling or even the floor! Just remember to add the right amount of balance in the form of lighting and mirrors and pops of other colours or harmonious, complementary neutrals to avoid the scheme becoming overpowering. You’re after opulent not oppressive. Make Orchid a real focal point though if you love it, why not? It’s your home and your signature style can still come over in an on-trend colour scheme if you love it enough.

Interior decoration speaks a lot to our personality, either in our homes or offices. Choice of colours especially for your office have a way to either impact positively or negatively the image of the company to any prospective client. When considering a decoration for your home, you need to select that colour and design which brings the best outlook for you and your family, at the same time serve you for a longer period.

Having a home office can be a blessing or a punishment. Being able to conduct business without driving to another location can be convenient but if you have a space that feels confining and stacks of papers are piled everywhere, your mind is not capable of focusing on the tasks at hand. By making a few changes to a small home office, a bright and professional air can be introduced.

I do love, love, love wallpaper, and browsing the vast selection of options available. But, for various reasons, it may not be a good option for you… or just for a particular room. Renters need removable damage-free decor options. Even if you own, some wallpapers can be REALLY expensive.

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