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You trust our patented waterproof surface to protect your baby and their crib mattress from spills and messes. It’s quick and easy to wipe clean, and it’s made without harmful chemicals. Our waterproofing is made from food-grade polyethylene, considered to be the safest plastic for consumer goods.

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And it just got even better

We are always improving our products and listening to what parents want in their ideal organic crib mattress. As such, we’ve now found a way to make our food-grade polyethylene from plants! That’s right, plants. This update to our waterproofing goes beyond making products safer and healthier. It’s one step further toward sustainability and environmental health. It’s the same great protection you trust from Naturepediclinen sheets, now even more friendly for our planet.

Our safety priorities

Naturepedic’s products are designed for safety and health, without harmful chemicals. In our baby and kids products, we prioritize these safety criteria:

–; Physical Safety: Our crib and kids mattresses feature firm support and reinforced edges–; Chemical Safety: All of our products are made without harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde, pesticides, and glues–; Allergenic Safety: We don’t use latex or soy in our baby and kids products–; Fire Safety: Naturepedic products meet all flammability standards without the need for chemical flame retardants or chemical flame barriers (and we never use highly flammable polyurethane foams)–; Hygienic Safety: Our waterproof crib mattresses are seamless and easy to clean, including at the edges, to protect your baby and their mattress from contamination

With the ability to make our waterproofing from plants, we are adding another safety priority to our mission: Environmental Health. By using sugarcane, a renewable and sustainable resource, we’re reducing the use of petroleum products. As always, we do not use vinyl, phthalate plasticizers, perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), or other potentially hazardous waterproofing materials in our mattresses.When will the new waterproofing launch?

We have already started production and anticipate a launch in the first quarter of 2017. The products remain the same in every way except for the updated waterproofing, which will be made of food-grade polyethylene from non-GMO sugarcane.

Join us in our commitment to safer products for your baby as well as our planet.

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