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customized gift for birthday
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We will agree that our homes speak volumes about our personalities, preferences and even aspirations. This is all too true when it comes to the interior designs of our living spaces from the living room, family den and bedroom to the kitchen and dining room. Indeed, how we decorate our homes with furniture and furnishings gives a peek into how we party in this life, in a manner of speaking. For example, your home’s décor may lean toward bohemian chiclinen sheets, a style that speaks of a relaxed and yet still stylish lifestyle. Or you may like the rustic look of a country home filled with large rugs on the floor, comfy cushions on the sofa, and sunlight streaming in from the windows.

No matter your preference in interior décor, there are a few important principles to remember when purchasing and then positioning the furniture and fixtures in your living spaces. Unity and Harmony: Let’s start with unity and harmony because these aspects of interior design ties up the entire space, so to speak. Basically, you want a common theme to run throughout the entire area being designed, be it the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen-cum-dining room. The viewer is then left with the strong impression of the room’s style, be it bohemian chic, modern minimalist or country rustic, among other possible design ideas.

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There are so many ways to achieve unity and harmony in interior design of which the easiest in application is colour. Choose two or three colours with the aim of using these colours in varying ways and hues throughout the house. For example, your chosen colour is red. Use red cushions in the living room and red duvet cover sets in the bedroom, thus, tying up two rooms with different themes, say, oriental for the living room and bohemian for the bedroom.

Balance: Look around the room and assess how the furnishings and furniture impact on the eyes – visual weight, in interior designer language. Aim for balance when positioning the objects, be it large or small, in the room. You have three choices in achieving balance, namely, symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial. Be sure to choose just one type in each room and give your home a New Year makeover. Follow us this week and we'll give you quick and easy makeover ideas on how to spruce up your rooms before your New Year's party guests arrive.

Launched in 2011 and with years in the making, our Abbotson Linen collection was created after tireless research into linens from all over the world.

Garnet Hill design gurus Karen and Erin recently set their email autoreplies to way-out-of-office and journeyed 6,000 miles from New Hampshire to Inner Mongolia. They set out to visit the happy goats and talented makers who bring our cashmere designs to life. This is the story, in three parts, of their adventure…

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