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Founder of Chronicles Of Her, style influencer, Carmen Hamilton shows us how to style the Sydney Opera House Collection in your home.

Tell us about how you’ve styled the Sydney Opera House designs in your home?

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While I like to experiment with my clothes, I generally take a fairly minimalistic approach to my bedroom decor (in part because I share it with my boyfriend who probably wouldn’t be too keen for splashes of hot pink etc). The Sydney Opera House designs are the perfect answer—they are really nice and textural, and the colours and prints are iconic but understated. I especially love the Sydney Opera House Arc Quilt Cover Set styled with the Shadows Cushion, the combination looks so nice against our timber bed and white walls (and extra fresh when the afternoon light pours in).

Botanica Framed Wall Artlinen sheets, Sketch Quilt Cover Set, Long Tide Cushion, Alton Cushion, Shadows Cushion, Arc Quilt Cover Set

How do you style the rest of your dé;cor when you have a patterned design on your bed?

I try and keep the rest of my decor quite pared-back when styling anything patterned onto my bed. I’m no Feng shui master, but I do like a decluttered space, which is crucial for a patterned design on the bed—candles or a special book are nice neutral styling options for bedside tables. If you’re going patterned, keep cushions plain and add in a bit of texture with a throw.

Botanica Framed Wall Art, Sketch Quilt Cover Set, Long Tide Cushion

What are your top tips for someone wanting to style this iconic collection in their home?

My biggest tip in general when it comes to styling your bedroom is that balance is key. The same applies to styling this collection. There’s such a great selection of different colours, patterns and textures, which makes styling it in your home super easy. Style any patterned designs with a plain textured throw and cushions to strike the right balance, and if you’re going for a textured quilt, then add some colour with a painting or cushion.

Long Tide Cushion, Shadows Cushion, Arc Quilt Cover Set, North Lake Throw

How can someone best feature the SOH designs in their bedroom whilst staying true to their style?

Since your bedroom is such a personal space, it’s always key to make sure it feels inherently “you”. You want your own space to be filled with different objects that each tell their own story (in this case, the designs themselves have their own great story behind them). To make sure you’re staying true to your style, mix and match different pieces from the collection with pieces that you already own and love.


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