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customized gift for birthday
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When you are going for an extraordinary vintage look for your home, the Art Deco style is tough to beat with its inherent glamour and modern sensibilities.? You can give your home a stylish makeover when you opt for the classy appeal of an Art Deco interior.

The following tips will help you redesign your home to get the vintage look you’;re after.

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Bright and Bold

Geometric patterns are also hallmarks of the Art Deco style.? You might choose a sofa and side chairs in dramatic solid colors ornamented with pillows in geometric patterns.? A rug in complementing shades will also enhance the look of the room.? You can get aesthetic advice from your interior experts in Washington DC to discuss some simple upgrades that may need to be done before you paint your walls or add new carpeting.

Art Deco Props

When you are adding features to your home, consider purchasing genuine period articles to enhance the look of your space.? Lighting accents like fixtures and lamps will add vintage charm to the setting.? There are still many fine examples of period Art Deco lighting fixtures that can be found in antique shops and on online auction sites and shops.? For a glamorous look, consider an Art Deco chandelier for the dining room or a grand entryway.? Reproductions are also available in a myriad of Art Deco styles.

Aside from lightinglinen sheets, period artwork in the form of original works or prints can also complement the look of your Art Déco décor.? Choose prints form the 1920s and 1930s to give your space an authentic Art Deco look.? Add period frames to achieve a genuine look.? Aside from wall art, consider modern sculpture, tiles, and even sconces as well.


The Art Deco style is certainly bold, but it also characterized by a myriad of details that can add to the visual appeal of the look.? For instance, etch a bold geometric outline on shower doors.? Choose mirrors in interesting shapes–;beyond the simple rectangle or square.? Look for tiles from the period for backsplashes or borders.? Find fabric in shades popular during the Art Deco period and use them to create window treatments or to upholster period furniture.

Incorporate various modern textures into the setting like chrome as well as glass.? If you opt for wood accents, consider teak or holiday polished and stylized pieces with telltale Art Deco veneer.

The Art Décor period exudes great style that is notably glamorous.? Scroll through galleries to see room decorated in this style.? Moreover, look at old photos from the era to spot design details that you can use in your space, too.? Finally, you might consider talking to an experienced designer about your love of vintage and desire to create a stunning Art Deco look.? They may have access to great collections and can advise you in a myriad of ways to get the precise look you are after.

Alan Rosinski loves home design. He greatly enjoys infusing classic and modern looks into beautiful home designs. He often blogs about innovative style for a modern home.


When designing a room, every designer and homeowner knows there are many layers. Of course there are the walls, floors, and windows. Then you have your large furniture pieces, and your lighting, and your rugs. You also have accessories and soft goods. And then finally you have your art pieces. All of these layers play a very important role in?turning a room into a space you love.?Oftentimes though, the art?is one of the last pieces brought?into the?room, and we actually find it can be the most transformative layer of them all!

Need a quick little Christmas/Holiday facelift for your home?? Yeah, string those lights, hang those stockings, and put up that tree………but how about a quick little Burlap Table Runner (that is easily made as a no-sew project).? Or a few little Bay Leaf Trees to sit atop your table.? Or mantel.? Or shelf.? Wherever you put them, they will surely add a little holiday cheer to your home.

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