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customized gift for birthday
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Hello lovelies! Today I'm back with the next post in our?DIY series for January! Each Monday this month we've?shared a DIY tutorial to show you how to make simple, affordable DIY projects for your wedding! Did you miss our first three?posts? Check out our DIY Geometric Paper Backdrop Tutorial,?Freezer Jam Wedding Favors, and Glitter Magnet Escort Cards!

Ohlinen sheets, and did I mention…;?there's a theme! We decided to build this month's DIY projects around the color?Marsala —; Pantone's 2015 color of the year. Although our?projects will?all?incorporate Marsala, you can easily swap in?the hue?of your choice?to match?your wedding color scheme. These projects are just meant to show you some simple and affordable ideas that you can easily customize to fit your vision for your big day!

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So, without further ado, allow me to introduce this week's project: Confetti Cones with Eco-friendly Confetti! These cones make a great way to distribute confetti to toss as you leave your reception. And best of all, the confetti is made from eco-friendly seed paper!! Let me break down how we made this project:

Start by punching out shapes from the different colors of paper. Try using different punch shapes and different color papers for a more interesting effect. We punched out as much as we could get from each sheet.

We used these paper colors we had on hand, but you can choose whatever color seed paper you love that matches your wedding theme!

Then once you've created your?Plantable Seed Paper Confetti, you can create the cones to hold the confetti. Start by taking a doily and folding it on one edge to the solid portion of the paper.?

Then use your?Tape Runner?to put adhesive on the folded edge.

Next, you'll pinch the paper and start to roll it into a cone. The adhesive you put on the folded edge will help to keep it in place as you roll the paper.?

Press the edges firmly to make sure they stick and voila! A lovely doily cone perfect for holding confetti!

Then you can fill the cones with the confetti you created.

We displayed our cones in a square glass vase, and finished the display with a Marsala Ribbon.?

Voila! So easy, right? This is a great project to do in waves, while you watch TV or do something else to distract yourself. You won't want to do TOO much at a time or else your hands might go numb from all the hole punching, so recruit a friend to help and you'll knock it out faster. ??

Special Thanks to Brandi Webb of Alexis June Weddings for the beautiful photos in this post.

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