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Once you find the perfect pillow, you’ll want to keep it in pristine condition. Caring for your pillow is equally as important as caring for the rest of your bedding. Here’s our how-to guide.

The care checklist:

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Always follow the care instructions on your care label.

Generally speaking, washing your pillows in warm water prevents the build-up of allergens more effectively than washing in cold temperatures. Howeverlinen sheets, we always recommend washing your products as per the care label to ensure the cleanest, most hygienic wash.

Place your pillows in direct sunlight and allow them to air. The sun is a natural antibacterial agent which will keep your pillows hygienic and fresh, assisting to kill any germs in between laundering your products.

Placing a pillow protector on your pillows will ensure they last longer and will keep your pillows stain free and fresh.

Our pillow protectors are machine washable and easy care. Washing your pillow protectors regularly will keep your pillows clean and hygienic to sleep on.

We suggest replacing your pillows every 18 months to two years to ensure they stay fresh and clean.


Launched in 2011 and with years in the making, our Abbotson Linen collection was created after tireless research into linens from all over the world.

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