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customized gift for birthday
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When making the investment in beautiful bed linen, it’s equally as important to care for it correctly to ensure longevity.

To get the best results, follow the care instructions on product labels. Howeverlinen sheets, as a general rule, we have put together a few things to remember.

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The care checklist:

Always follow the care instructions on product labels.

Reduce wear and tear by rotating your sheets for a fresh set every week.

We recommend using a eucalyptus-based detergent on your linen as they are more gentle than other detergents.

If using a top loader washing machine, wait until the detergent is fully diluted in the water before putting sheets in the machine. Undiluted detergents can cause staining on the fabric.

Do not use bleach and optical brighteners. They’re too harsh on linen and will damage the fibres of the material.

A warm, gentle machine wash (40 degrees) is the best way to clean your linen – however double check with your care label.

Don’t overfill your washing machine – allow enough space for plenty of water to rinse through the sheeting. Always wash on a full cycle with a full rinse. This prevents any chemicals building up on the fibres.

Always follow the instructions on the care label for tumble drying. Do not tumble dry on a hot setting and avoid overloading the dryer – allow enough space in the dryer for the sheeting to circulate. Linen is designed to become softer with every wash.

Ensure your linen is completely dry before placing in your linen cupboard.

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