customized gift for birthday
customized gift for birthday
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Get your kids involved while you prepare your holiday meals this season.It’s a great opportunity to bond with your children, teach them how to cook, entertain and help them feel like a bigger part of a family celebration.Here’s a few things to get them more involved:

Looking the part.Entertaining is messy business! All that cooking, cleaninglinen sheets, and caring for guests can leave your clothes dirty. Allow your child to wear an apron to not only protect their clothing, but also they will feel like a bigger part of your event. ?Jacaranda living offers aprons just for kids to wear. ?See more on our site here.

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Show them measuring basics.What’s the difference between a cup and tablespoons. Once you teach them how to measure and even read a recipe, they can pre-measure out all your ingredients for you.

Let them use their hands.Kids love to play with their hands. As adults, we forget the joy in that sometimes. Show you kids how to mix up a sauce, cookie dough or knead some bread dough. Here’s some more tips from Food Network’s Giada DeLaurentis on how to make cooking fun with kids here.

Preparing for dinner.To many children, a nicely set table for dinner looks like something out of a fairy tale. Think of Cinderella’s Ball or the grand table from Beauty and the Beast. Show them how to properly set a table or fold napkins. They will feel like they made a huge contribution to making the dinner look beautiful. Plus that frees up time fore you to do some last minute preparations for guests. ?Here’;s some inspiration on table settings from HGTV.

Clean up.It’s never fun to do dishes or put everything away. By having some extra hands, no matter how little, this can be a big help. Kids love to be involved and feel helpful. Give them a task, like clearing the table, putting dishes in the dishwasher or bringing out containers for leftovers. Reward them for their hard work with dessert! ?Use this helpful checklist from Earlybird Mom here to help with clean up. ?

Hello Everyone!?Summer is finally here and now it’s time for BBQs, going to the pool and soaking up the sun. Here?at the AGF headquarters we are feeling festive so we decided to make a tablerunner for?July 4th, which would be a perfect addition to your picnic table full of yummy summer time food!?This was a pretty quick sew and it turned out to be a lot of fun because all we could think about?was hanging outside in the summer sun surrounded by friends and family. Denim Studio fabrics, a collection by Art Gallery Fabrics turned out to be the perfect choice of colors, the red and blue?shades creates this instant Americana feel! We also used various red, white and blue prints from our quilting cotton collections for the stars to bring it all together.?You can pick up these fabrics online or in your local store.

Sheridan Life took time to unwind with Beauticate Editor, Sigourney Cantelo, to chat about sleep, bedroom styling and her favourite moments at first light.

Nothing is sweeter than a little girl all dolled up in a homemade dress. Here are 25 free baby dress tutorials for you to whip up for the little loves in your life.We’ve rounded up the most popular dress tutorials from Pretty Prudent and a few favorites from around the web. Most of these dresses are ideal for beginning sewers; all will make you feel like the crafty mom superstar that you are. From pinafores to party dresses to dress-up tutus, these 25 free baby dress tutorials will have you and you little one smiling from ear to ear. Take a look and get the links to the sweetest free baby dress tutorials here.Looking at these sweet photos of our own babies in the handmade baby dresses that we made from these free dress sewing patterns warms our heart.–Pillowcase Dress– Snappy Toddler Dress–Snap Wrap Dress–10 Minute Onesie Dress–Pillowcase Dress with Bias Tape

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