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We're constantly being told that we need to get a better night's sleep, and this year one of trends being hailed by interior designers focuses on this health aspect of our lives. There are plenty of ways and things you can do to help your sleep better, but lavender sachets under you pillow, although effective for some, are only just the tip of the iceberg.

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Kill two birds with one stone if you want to embrace this year's design trends. Using peacefullinen sheets, relaxing and tranquil colours can help you sleep better. This year's Pantone colour trend of Rose Quartz and Serenity is the perfect bedroom colour scheme.

Finding a pillow that doesn't give you a crick in the neck is imperative if you are to get a good night’s sleep. The Side Sleeper pillow does what it says, it's the ideal pillow for those who sleep on their sides. It has a foam-like feel and continually adjusts to your head and neck movement, providing extra-firm support.

One of the biggest problems of sharing a bed with you partner is the different preferences to heat or lack of it. This Dual Zone mattress gives each person control over how warm their side of the bed is.

Keeping unwanted light out of your room doesn't have to be a major issue. The latest blackout blinds and readymade blackout curtains not only prevent unwanted light from entering the room they also have noise reducing technologies, making them ideal for city dwellers.

The UK may not be renowned for reaching blistering night temperatures, but us sensitive Brits can find a problem sleeping on warm, sultry nights. This air conditioned bed can solve the problem, when summer nights get too hot to handle.

Technology has found its way into our bedrooms and while may embrace the gadgets and comforts of bedroom televisions, games consoles and surround sound music systems, these do little to help you get a good nights sleep. Ditch the gadgetry for a complete distraction free ambience and you may find that you sleep like a baby.

Having a sleeping place that smells nice can help you relax and unwind faster. Lavender has long been know to induce sleep, other aromas are said to be drive your partner wild in bed! Whatever you want the aroma to do, opening the window and letting fresh air in for at least 10 minutes each day will rid the room of stale, musty and unpleasant odours, which in turn may help you sleep sounder.

You may recall a few months ago that I mentioned I would be doing a lot of organizing this Winter. The nesting bug has hit and I organized my first closet yesterday. I started with one of the easiest closets. You know, enough to get me motivated, but not overwhelmed. I recommend you do the same. This small hallway closet nestled between the bedrooms and the girls’ bathroom?didn’t really have a lot of purpose, just random clutter. I needed to consider what it could best be used for. After looking at our overflowing linen closet just across the hall, I decided that it would be a cleaning/utility closet. After all, it seems this is where some of my husband’s miscellaneous tools land, and it’s the perfect nook for cleaning supplies. Not to mention, you have to store light bulbs somewhere out of reach of children.

This is a simple cross stitch bookmark that you could make as a gift for one of your favourite book worms. They only take a couple of hours depending on your design. Enjoy!

These days we see thread counts noted everywhere, even on hotel advertisements! Egyptian cotton sheets sound luxurious, and does it really matter if your sheet has a lower count, or is a poly blend? Read on to find out more about thread count.

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